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DIY for Low-Cost, Cheap, and Budget-friendly Tips

A raised garden bed is essentially a contained area elevated above ground level, filled with nutrient-rich soil. It can be made using wood, concrete...

Remembering Hydrangea Season – Bagicha Bazaar

Today we're going back to June with Carla Zambelli Mudry, looking at some...

GPOD on the Road: Toronto Garden Tour

On this cold winter day, we're looking back to early summer when frequent...

GPOD on the road: Radjagaluh, Indonesia

Today's photos are of Boss Suharto and were taken on a visit to...

Tracy’s Flower Farm – Bagicha Bazaar

Hi, I'm Tracy Sundby—mother, wife, homemaker, and gardener extraordinaire in Stanwood, Washington. ...

Extraordinary Beauty from Willy – Fine Gardening

Today's photos are from Willie Bennett in Charlotte, North Carolina. shooting star (Dodecathione mediaZones...

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