The Prime Minister announced the formation of the National Turmeric Board.


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Addressing a long-standing demand, Modi said it would boost value addition, supply chain improvement and infrastructure projects.

PM Modi from Telangana announced the formation of National Turmeric Board.  (Photo Courtesy – Twitter/Narendra Modi)
PM Modi from Telangana announced the formation of National Turmeric Board. (Photo Courtesy – Twitter/Narendra Modi)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an important announcement on a recent Sunday, fulfilling the long-standing demand of stakeholders in the turmeric sector in Telangana.

He disclosed the setting up of a National Turmeric Board, a major step aimed at benefiting turmeric farmers across India.

Addressing the World Turmeric Conference 2023 in Mumbai on September 27, Hemant Patil, Member of Lok Sabha representing Maharashtra’s Hingoli constituency, highlighted the efforts made over the years to create a Turmeric Board. He expressed disappointment that it has not been implemented so far.

However, after the Prime Minister’s announcement, Patil welcomed the decision and expressed hope that the board would be set up in Hingoli. Maharashtra has been actively advocating for the formation of a Turmeric Board in recent years given its status as a leading producer of Turmeric.

PM Modi explained that the National Turmeric Board will serve various objectives, including adding value to the supply chain of turmeric and meeting the infrastructural needs of farmers. He congratulated the turmeric farmers in Telangana and across the country for the formation of the board.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of turmeric in India, where it occupies a prominent position as a major producer, consumer and exporter.

He noted that awareness about the health benefits of turmeric had increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an increase in demand for the spice globally. He stressed the need for a more professional approach to the turmeric value chain, involving production, export and research.

Currently, India contributes about 80 percent of the world’s turmeric production, producing about 1.1 million tons of the spice annually.

Turmeric exports have been on the rise, especially since the start of the pandemic, with total shipments around 1.5 lakh tonnes.

Finally, Modi’s announcement of a National Turmeric Board is an important development for India’s turmeric industry. This is expected to provide tangible benefits to turmeric growers, promote value addition and promote the country’s position as a major player in the global turmeric market.

First Published: 02 Oct 2023, 10:50 IST

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