Top 5 Commercial Fish in India


Most Profitable Fish Farming Business Ideas in India
Most Profitable Fish Farming Business Ideas in India

Fish farming is one of the most profitable businesses in India that gives maximum returns. Profitable fish farming can only be done if the fish species are suitable.

Profitable Fish Farming Ideas in India

Apart from choosing the right fish, one should think about a number of factors including knowledge, skills, financial capacity, market demand, and agro-climatic conditions for a thriving business.

1. Ornamental FishFish farming

Ornamental fish or any fish is commonly cultivated in India. They can be reared in cold water and kept at a temperature between 15 and 25 °C. This fish is found in metallic colors like gold and silvery white. These bright beautiful fish are quite delicate and require extra attention against predatory herons, kingfishers, otters, raccoons, skunks, mink, cats, foxes and badgers. However, these fish can be very profitable.

any fish

Production cost – Rs.98,182 – Rs.34,32,226 per fish

Selling price – Rs.8,32,055 – Rs.1,66,41,100 per fish

2. Cod Fish Farming

Codfish are the most commercial fish species in the world. The market size is usually found to be 2-4 kg. Ovulation can be done in 24 to 36 months. Codfish is a low-fat source of protein and helps improve heart health.

Production cost – Rs.340.58 – Rs.366.40 per kg

Selling price – Rs.828.5 – Rs.1325.6 per kg

3. Tuna Fish Farming

Tuna, a saltwater fish, is found in the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea without much maintenance. It is also an important commercial fish. The largest number of consumers of tuna fish is found in Japan. There are different types of tuna including bluefin, yellowfin and albacore. Tuna fish are highly active, and it is difficult to mimic their natural environment. You can grow tuna in net pens offshore.

Production cost – Rs.561 lbs

Selling price – 1664-3328 lbs

4. Salmon Fish Farming

Salmon are also saltwater fish that are quite robust. They are vaccinated and given additional medicines to prevent the spread of any disease. They are commonly found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The two most common types of salmon are chinook and coho. Salmon feed is made to preserve wild fish stocks.

Production cost – 432.67 rupees per kg

Selling price – Rs.921.92- Rs.1041.73 per kg.

5. Tilapia farming

Tilapia fish, an aquaculture fish, is the third most popular fish consumed and commercially produced worldwide. These fish are known for providing high protein, large size and growth potential. Tilapia, a tropical fish, needs warm water to survive. It requires a grain-based diet and no other fish.

Production cost: Rs.68.23 – Rs.71.56 per kg

Selling price: Rs.163.08 – Rs.183.05 per kg

First Published: 10 October 2023, 17:30 IST


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