10 Best Garden Tillers in India For Seed Bed Preparation and Weed Control: Price List Included


Gardening enthusiasts, are you ready to take your green thumb to the next level? You’re in the right place if you want to achieve a flourishing garden with minimal effort. This comprehensive guide will explore India’s top 15 garden tillers, specially curated for efficient seed bed preparation and effective weed control. But here’s the best part – we’ll break down their prices, making choosing the perfect tool for your gardening needs easier. Say goodbye to back-breaking labor and hello to a thriving garden – all within your budget.

Best Garden Tillers in India

What Are Garden/ Power Tillers?

Power tillers hailed as a remarkable invention in the agricultural sector, have been a game-changer since their inception in 1963. These versatile machines possess many utility-based properties that render them indispensable and exceptional in various farming tasks.

Versatile Workhorses: Power tillers can be aptly described as multipurpose hand tractors. Their primary role involves rotary tilling, a process crucial for preparing the soil for planting. However, their utility extends far beyond this fundamental function. They are equally adept at handling various small-scale and commercial agricultural tasks.

Efficient Forward Action: Power tillers excel in performing forwarding actions during the tillage process. Their powerful engines and robust design ensure that they can effortlessly plow through the toughest of terrains, making them invaluable for Indian farmers dealing with diverse soil types.

Seedbed Operations: One of the key strengths of power tillers lies in their ability to execute precise seedbed operations. They create an ideal environment for seeds to germinate and grow, promoting healthy and abundant crop yields. This precision is crucial for ensuring the success of farming endeavors.

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Intercultural and Wide-Spaced Croppings: Power tillers in India have proved to be indispensable for intercultural operations and wide-spaced croppings. Their maneuverability and adaptability enable farmers to cultivate crops with varying spacing requirements, maximizing land utilization and productivity.

10 Best Garden Tillers in India

Honda FJ500 SER Tiller

The Honda FJ500 Power Weeder is a robust agricultural tool simplifies weeding and uprooting tasks. With a 5.5 HP 4-stroke engine, this weeder delivers efficient performance. It’s ideal for farmers and gardeners looking to streamline their field maintenance.

Key Features

  • Powerful Engine: The weeder has a 5.5 HP 4-stroke engine, ensuring ample power for weeding and uprooting.
  • Effective Weeding: It excels in weeding tasks, making removing unwanted plants and weeds from your fields or garden easier.
  • Uprooting: The Honda FJ500 can also be used for uprooting tasks, helping you clear the ground efficiently.
  • Price and Offers: With a price of ₹1,04,500 to ₹1,45,000, this weeder offers great value for its capabilities.


  • Brand: Honda
  • Dimensions: 75 x 122 x 80 Centimeters
  • Weight: 105 Kilograms

Balwaan MTAK-EN-PO-980 Mini Power Tiller

The Balwaan MTAK-EN-PO-980 Mini Power Tiller is a reliable and efficient gardening tool designed to cater to the needs of small to medium-sized gardens. Priced at ₹18,600 (inclusive of all taxes), it offers excellent value for your investment, especially considering its numerous features.

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Garden Tiller

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Design: The tiller boasts an ergonomic handle design with overhead controls, ensuring comfortable handling during operation.
  • Efficient Soil Preparation: With its 3HP 2-stroke 63cc engine, the Balwaan tiller quickly breaks up tough dirt and hard clay soil, making it ideal for preparing your garden beds for planting.
  • Dual Rotary Tines: Equipped with dual rotary tines, this tiller digs large and narrow spaces, thoroughly flipping the soil for optimal aeration and preparation.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Balwaan
  • Compression Ratio: 40ml P-82W Oil in 1L Petrol
  • Engine Displacement: 63cc
  • Engine Power: 3HP
  • Efficiency and Affordability: This mini power tiller is efficient and budget-friendly. It offers a substantial 53% discount from its M.R.P. of ₹40,000, making it a cost-effective choice for gardeners.

KisanKraft KK-MBT-50DL Tiller

The Kisan Kraft Groverzmart Agricultural Tiller, also known as the KK-IC-100P, is an impressive agricultural tool designed to simplify intercultivation tasks. Its outstanding features and performance make it a top choice for farmers and gardeners looking to enhance their field maintenance.

Key Features

  • Powerful Engine: This tiller is equipped with a robust 98.5cc engine, delivering a rated power of 1.4kw (1.88hp) at 3100rpm. This power ensures efficient and effective intercultivation.
  • Fuel and Oil Capacity: It has a 1.6-liter fuel tank and a 0.35-liter oil tank, allowing for extended operation without frequent refueling.
  • Working Width: With a working width of 42 cm, this tiller covers a substantial area, making it suitable for various agricultural applications.
  • Price and Offers: Priced at ₹31,699 to ₹49,000.


  • Brand: Kisan Kraft
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 80 Centimeters
  • Weight: 7800 Grams
  • Power Source: Petrol

Green Kraft Agricultural Equipment Gk200 Tiller

The Green Kraft Agritech Mini Tiller, powered by a 68cc 2-stroke engine, is a valuable tool for farmers and gardeners, especially in areas with light or soft soil conditions. This mini tiller is versatile and suitable for small kitchen gardens and similar applications.

Key Specifications

  • Displacement: 68cc
  • Starting System: Recoil Start
  • Engine Power: 2.2 KW
  • Width: 18″-20″
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 LTR
  • Engine Type: 2 Stroke

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Motor cultivator with a raised front wheel and a furrow
  • Versatile Usage: Mini tillers like the Green Kraft Agritech are essential for preparing soil for seed sowing. They effectively till the soil, creating an ideal planting environment. Additionally, they can be used as weeders, helping to eliminate unwanted weeds that often grow between crops.
  • Affordable Price: Priced at ₹21,500, this mini tiller offers an economical solution for small-scale farming and gardening needs.

Krishi Yantra Mini Power Tiller

The Mini Power Tiller/Weeder offered here is an excellent solution for cultivating, digging, and weed removal in farms. Priced at ₹12,499.00 (excluding tax), it provides an affordable option for small-scale farmers and gardeners.

Key Features

  • Robust Engine: This mini tiller features a heavy-duty engine with a 52cc displacement, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Quality Components: It includes a best-quality carburetor and high-quality air filter, contributing to its efficiency and durability.
  • Ease of Use: The smooth clutch and service/maintenance-free engine make this tiller hassle-free.
  • Versatile Applications: It is suitable for various tasks, including aerating soil, loosening soil, weeding, creating flower beds, preparing vegetable patches, and general garden maintenance.
  • Adjustable Height: The adjustable height feature adds to its versatility, allowing customization according to the task.
  • Package Includes: The package has a measuring cane, manuals, and toolkits for convenience.

VST Shakti RT65 Power Tiller

The V.S.T. Shakti 135 DI ULTRA is a standout agricultural implement in India for 2023. Its professional design and exceptional efficiency have made it a vital tool for farmers, significantly reducing their workload. This implement seamlessly integrates with tractors, enhancing their productivity across various farming tasks. For farmers managing extensive agricultural fields and farmlands, the V.S.T. Shakti 135 DI ULTRA is indispensable.

It excels in crop cultivation, planting, and root preparation, making these essential tasks easier and more efficient. High-quality tractor implements like the 135 DI ULTRA play a pivotal role in the farming industry, enhancing the utility of tractors and contributing to increased yields. This implement is renowned for its fuel efficiency and impressive 40-50 H.P. power.

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Tiller with Gasoline Engine

It simplifies complex and time-consuming tasks, particularly in tillage operations. Its performance and demand in the market are proven, making it a popular choice among farmers. Regarding affordability, the V.S.T. Shakti 135 DI ULTRA is budget-friendly, starting from Rs 15,000. This economical price range ensures farmers can access this implement without financial strain.

K.M.W. Mega T-15 Deluxe Power Tiller

The K.M.W. Mega T 15 Deluxe is a remarkable power tiller that combines the functionality of a tiller with the comfort and performance of a tractor. This advanced machine boasts a powerful 15 H.P. engine capable of handling various farm tasks effortlessly. It offers both wet and dry land applications, ensuring versatility for farmers. Notable features of the Mega T 15 Deluxe include a key start ignition, mobile charger, hour meter, alternator, and a safety start switch, setting new standards in its category.

It maximizes efficiency while minimizing fuel consumption, making it an environmentally conscious choice. It includes advanced brakes and a tractor-like seat for user safety and comfort. The cerametallic clutch enhances durability, ensuring a longer lifespan. With six forward and two reverse gears, it offers flexibility in operation. The rotary tiller component features 20 blades and a chain drive, further enhancing its capabilities.

AgriPro Mini Tiller

The AgriPro Mini Power Tiller, a mini cultivator, is a versatile and valuable farm tool widely used by small and medium-scale farmers. This mini power tiller offers numerous benefits compared to other tillers. It excels in soil preparation, spreading fertilizer, planting and sowing seeds, and spraying fertilizers and water. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in harvesting, threshing, and crop transportation.

One of its standout features is its exceptional performance in the field, all while being cost-effective. It boasts a 1200 ml tank capacity and a tilling depth of 10-15 cm, making it suitable for various agricultural tasks. To ensure the longevity of this power tiller, proper maintenance is essential. Regularly checking and monitoring oil levels, cleaning filters, and maintaining the fan belt tension within the recommended range (10-12 mm) are crucial to keep this agricultural equipment running efficiently.

Vinspire VT-52 Agriculture Mini Power Tiller

The Vinspire VT-52 Agriculture Mini Power Tiller is a powerful and efficient farming tool designed to simplify agricultural tasks. With a robust 52cc 2HP 2-stroke engine, this mini power tiller is built to tackle various farming needs effortlessly. Priced at ₹11,700 (inclusive of all taxes), it offers outstanding value for your investment.

Key Features

  • Versatile Tilling: The Vinspire VT-52 has a versatile tiller blade design, which may vary based on availability. This design ensures efficient soil preparation for planting and cultivation.
  • Weed Control: Beyond tilling, this power tiller excels at weed control. It helps you maintain a weed-free agricultural field, ensuring your crops thrive without competition.
  • Soil Preparation: Before and after planting, this machine proves invaluable. It loosens and smoothens the soil, creating an ideal environment for your crops to flourish.

Product Specifications

  • Brand: Vinspire
  • Engine Displacement: 52cc
  • Engine Power: 2HP
  • Fuel Consumption: 700ml to 1 liter per hour
  • Efficiency and Durability: The Vinspire VT-52 is designed for efficiency and durability. Its compact size and impressive power make soil tilling a breeze, whether you’re a professional farmer or a gardening enthusiast. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable operation, and its sturdy construction guarantees long-lasting performance.

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rototiller in the garden

K.M.W. Mega T-12 Deluxe Power Tiller

The Mega T 12 LV, powered by K Cool Nex Gen technology, is a groundbreaking farm machine that combines the innovative K Cool engine technology with the tiller’s versatility and the tractor’s performance. This 12 H.P. K Cool Engine is India’s most advanced engine available for Power Tillers. It boasts several key features:

  1. K Cool Technology: This engine utilizes forced cooling by an internal water pump, allowing it to run continuously for 24 hours without overheating.
  2. Engine Oil Filter: An advanced engine oil filter ensures that the engine oil remains clean, enhancing the performance and longevity of worn components.
  3. Oil Cooling Jets: The presence of oil cooling jets inside the crankcase keeps various engine components lubricated and cool.
  4. Powerful Engine: Its 12 H.P. power can easily handle a wide range of farm tasks.
  5. Emission Compliance: The engine complies with TREM III standards, ensuring reduced emissions.
  6. Designed for Wet and Dry Land: This machine works efficiently in wet and dry land applications.
  7. Low Fuel Consumption: Thanks to its advanced engine, it exhibits low fuel consumption, contributing to cost savings.
  8. Multiplate Clutch: Equipped with a multi-plate clutch, it ensures a longer operational life.
  9. Ergonomic Design: The power tiller features an ergonomic design for operator comfort and reduced fatigue during operation.

The Mega T 12 LV is available at a maximum retail price of Rs. 270,000, including freight and applicable G.S.T. The transmission offers six forward and two reverse gears and the machine is equipped with hydraulic-operated brakes for added safety. With 20 blades in its rotary tiller, it ensures efficient soil preparation.

Garden Tillers Price List in India

Equipment Name Cost Range (INR) Special Features
Honda FJ500 Power Weeder ₹1,04,500 to ₹1,45,000 5.5 HP 4-stroke engine, Effective weeding and uprooting
Balwaan MTAK-EN-PO-980 Mini Power Tiller ₹18,600 3HP 2-stroke 63cc engine, Dual rotary tines
Kisan Kraft Groverzmart Agricultural Tiller (KK-IC-100P) ₹31,699 to ₹49,000 Powerful 98.5cc engine, Fuel and oil capacity, Wide working width
Green Kraft Agritech Mini Tiller (GK200) ₹21,500 68cc 2-stroke engine, Versatile usage, Affordable
Krishi Yantra Mini Power Tiller ₹12,499.00  52cc displacement engine, Quality components, Adjustable height
VST Shakti RT65 Power Tiller ₹15,000 Fuel-efficient, 40-50 H.P. power
K.M.W. Mega T-15 Deluxe Power Tiller ₹270,000  15 H.P. engine, Key start ignition, Mobile charger, Safety start switch
AgriPro Mini Power Tiller ₹13,800 to ₹12,321  2-stroke 63cc engine, Versatile applications, Affordable
Vinspire VT-52 Agriculture Mini Power Tiller ₹11,700  52cc engine, Versatile tilling, weed control, Soil preparation
K.M.W. Mega T-12 Deluxe Power Tiller ₹270,000  12 H.P. K Cool Engine, forced cooling, Oil cooling jets, Low fuel consumption, Multiplate clutch, Ergonomic design


Garden tillers in India offer a wide range of options for seedbed preparation and weed control. These versatile machines come in various price ranges, making them accessible to farmers and gardeners. With features like powerful engines, efficiency, and affordability, they are valuable tools for enhancing agricultural productivity.

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