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Carla Z Mudry is sharing her garden with us today.

I know it sounds crazy, but you can actually garden in January!

Mulched garden beds in winterI have this huge Japanese maple that we inherited along the front property. I love Japanese maples, maybe a little too much, and go out of my way to care for them. She gets regular pruning and more. When this Japanese maple is in full bloom, it casts a shadowy light over the entire area where it is located. And this makes it difficult for grass to grow. It’s also an area of ​​the garden that can get pretty dry, so I’m looking at it with fresh eyes. I decided the tree would do better with wood chips and mulch. So last week it was a garden project!

I’m not about to underplant a bushy tree anymore. What I’m going to do is plant more bulbs. I have an idea in mind of what I want the space to look like, and I’m going to start with species of daffodils. I think they will look fantastic, and they will spread. They are not the big traditional daffodils you think of as cut flowers, although they are a bit more wild.

Pine trees in a bare winter gardenWhen you walk around your garden in winter, it has a life of its own. It is more angular. It’s more structured, but this winter garden still exists. And the ultimate beauty of a winter garden is that it can show you where you want to go in the spring. I use the winter garden to think about things I want to rework or transplant or prune.

Garden during a blizzardWinter is also a fantasy season in the garden. Some people can’t do that. I can. And I imagine what an area might look like. And then I plan. Remember that a garden is not static; It is prepared.

Bare trees in winterBare branches are their own kind of beauty, living sculptures in winter landscapes.

A carved tree sculpture of various forest animalsA chain sculpture made from a dead tree trunk now surrounds the garden.

Close the ends of the dried seeds.Seed heads provide food for wildlife and beauty for gardeners during the winter.

The arch of the garden is covered in a dry vine.The garden structure is more visible in winter when most of the leaves have fallen.

A bare garden plant in the sunThe winter sun shines at a low angle on bare garden branches.

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