Celebrating End-of-Summer Beauty with Maxine, Part 2



We’re back for a second day of enjoying the beauty of late summer and early fall in Maxine Brisport’s Rotterdam, New York, garden.

pink flowers in front of yellow flowersClassic blooms of the late summer garden include Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ (Zones 3–9) in the front, black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia fulgida, Zones 3–9) in the back, and the tall spire of a dark-leaved Actaea simplex (Zones 4–8) in between.

diverse garden with lots of flowersSo many beautiful plants are growing together in this part of the garden.

dried astilbe in late summer gardenAstilbe (Zones 4–8) flowers are beautiful in early summer, but they take on a different kind of beauty at the end of the year as they age to brown and the leaves begin to flush yellow.

close up of a bee on Autumn Joy sedum flowerSedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is a huge hit with pollinators like this little honeybee, which is busy collecting the pollen and nectar that will keep the hive fed through the winter.

close up of pink hibiscus budsHardy hibiscus (Hibiscus hybrids, Zones 5–9) flowers in tight bud are ready to unfurl into huge blooms that are the highlight of the summer garden.

close up of peach colored rosesA beautiful rose looks like it is glowing in the sun.

close up of densely planted gardenThis tapestry of late summer blooms includes black-eyed Susans and fresh pink autumn anemones (Anemone huphensis, Zones 4–8).

close up of white anemonesAutumn-blooming anemones are so fresh and beautiful in the fall—a great contrast to much of the garden at this time, which is beginning to fade into dormancy.

wide view of garden bed with sunlight streaming throughThis beautiful garden setting comes with a place to sit and enjoy it.

small garden patio surrounded by plantsAnd here’s another place to sit and enjoy the garden, while being completely surrounded by flowers.

What’s looking good in your garden as summer slips into fall? We’d love to see photos of it on the GPOD!


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