Collecting plants in Southern California



Today we’re catching up with Nez, a plant lover who is building a botanical garden in her backyard in Los Angeles.

Near giant plants of Monstera pinnatipartita

I think so. Monstera pinnatipartita As my “soul plant”. My husband bought it for me in September 2021 as a congratulatory gift, as I was stagnant in my old position and wanted to take a step back and make a lateral career move to keep growing. made a choice The plant remained stagnant for the first eight months, then began to grow with a vengeance. It already needs to be repotted twice to keep growing.

Sometimes when it seems like you’re not growing outwardly, you’re actually growing on the inside and working on your “roots” (aka your mental and emotional health) and laying the foundation for your future self. are Then when the time is right, you will have strong emotional and mental “roots” to support your new outward growth.

Plants of various tropical plants are close together in pots.These tropical plants are huddling outside and trying to survive an unusually cold winter in Southern California—and they’re doing great. We really need to relax with helicopter-plant parenting because plants are much more resilient than we give them credit for.

Maranta leuconera in a hanging planter with ornamentsMaranta Leuconera An easy plant that just goes along and never gives me trouble.

Calathea with pink foliage in a pot on a tableI talk a lot about calatheas, but this Calathea majestica “White Star” is a favorite plant in my collection. It is prone to spider mites, so I have to keep it away from the rest of my plants. It’s worth it, though, because look at the plants!

Newly purchased Maranta Leuconeura in a potI loved myself. Maranta Leuconera ‘Beauty Kim’ when I first met her, even during her ugly phase.

Maranta LeuconeraAnd now look at it!

The woman in the greenhouseI am obsessed with it. Anthurium vitrifolium I San Diego Botanic Garden. That’s as long as I’m tall!

Small plant with unique foliage in a white potI got this Florida Beauty Philodendron as a lightly rooted cutting, and it has been quite a lesson in patience! We are on our way to a big beautiful plant someday.

Hoya Ringson SplashBeautiful variegated leaves of done ‘Rangsan Splash’

In Hoya multiflora flowerMy diverse Hoya multiflora in flower

If you want to see more from Nez, check out his Instagram: @staythirstymyfronds

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