Drone technology poised to transform agriculture and reduce post-harvest losses by 50%, study shows


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Use of drone technology in agriculture can transform agriculture by reducing post-harvest losses by up to 50%, says the study.

Drone technology transforms agriculture and reduces post-harvest losses (Image courtesy: Pixabay)
Drone technology transforms agriculture and reduces post-harvest losses (Image courtesy: Pixabay)

SkyAir, a drone delivery logistics leader, has unveiled a report that showcases the potential of drone technology to transform India’s agriculture. It exposes the high post-harvest waste in fresh produce and suggests that drone delivery can reduce waste, empower farmers, and increase supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

India faces a critical problem in the fresh produce sector with annual post-harvest losses of 30-40% (Rs 13,300 crore or $1.8 billion). Factors such as spoilage, storage limitations, inefficient transportation, and market access contribute to this. Skye Air highlights the potential of drone delivery to transform the agricultural industry, with a pilot project by MANAGE reducing wastage by around 20%, demonstrating the effectiveness of this innovative solution.

“By shifting a substantial portion of transportation from roads to drone delivery, farmers can play an active role in curbing carbon emissions and promoting environmentally friendly practices. Drones within the fresh fruit and vegetable industry The introduction of delivery not only saves cost and time, but it also saves time.It plays an important role in reducing the carbon footprint.

These benefits not only increase farmers’ profits and accelerate the delivery of fresh produce, but also promote environmental sustainability in the agricultural supply chain,” said Ankit Kumar, Founder and CEO of SkyAir.

Importantly, a study published in the International Journal of Scientific Research and Management (IJSRM) analyzed the impact of drone delivery in reducing agricultural wastage. Research indicated that implementing a drone-based delivery system has the potential to reduce post-harvest losses by up to 50 percent.

The adoption of drone technology brings substantial economic benefits to farmers, consumers and the entire agri-commodity industry. Reduced post-harvest losses translate into increased income for farmers, while consumers enjoy access to high-quality produce at stable prices. This shift towards more sustainable and efficient practices contributes to the overall growth of the sector and boosts the country’s GDP.

First Published: 22 Sep 2023, 13:48 IST

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