Early spring flowers from the Mohawk Valley



Today we are at Lee’s Garden in New York State’s Mohawk Valley. We visited earlier this spring, and Lee gave us an ant’s-eye view of early spring sprouts and shoots (Lee’s Garden through the eyes of an ant), and now we’re checking it out. Keeping up with how things are progressing. The season progresses.

Seedlings are now getting ready to flower, and tulips and early bloomers have done their work for another season. I caught some tulips and other early bloomers as they brought in new blooms.

I’m seeing lots of buds on lots of plants. I think this will be a banner year, based on the deep spring growth I’m witnessing. I’m sure a touch of real early compost gave them a good push. Time will tell, but all plant structures are very strong, and buds are early. Expect! As always, I wish all growers a great growing and flowering season and peace to all from the Mohawk Valley in Central New York State.

Close-up of white star magnolia flowersstar magnolia (Magnolia StellataZones 4–8) is one of the earliest blooming magnolias.

Close-up of a bright yellow double tulipThis incredible double yellow tulip (Tulipa hybrid, zones 3–8) has so many layers of petals that it almost looks like a rose.

Close-up of a white and pale pink double tulipA double tulip in the softest, most romantic shade of pink

Yellow tulip band with red stripesA yellow tulip painted with bright red stripes.

Near the bright pink tulipNow that’s pink! It almost glows.

Close the green striped tulip on top.Tulips with green petals are sometimes called variegated varieties. This could be the very popular variety ‘Spring Green’.

Stone sculpture of a Chinese Fu dog in the gardenA Chinese garden patron called Fu Dog

Metal pig sculpture with purple and orange flowers in the gardenAnd here’s a slightly less traditional garden dweller! But this dwarf looks quite at home among bright oriental poppies (Papaver Easternzones 3–8) and Siberian irises (Iris Siberiazones 3–8).

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