free q&a webinar 8/31 with me and ken druse



I CALL THEM Urgent Garden Questions, because when you have something you can’t sort out in the garden, it certainly feels like an emergency. This time of the season, with its weather extremes and other insults like destructive pest and diseases, usually produces a bumper crop of them.

That’s why Ken Druse and I are offering a free Urgent Garden Question Open House webinar on August 31, 2023 on Zoom, at 6-7:15 PM Eastern time (register at this link). The details:

First, a presentation: Join us for a short slideshow from our gardens—some highlights, some of what we’ve learned along the way, and also some of what’s been bugging us. (Yes, we have Urgent Garden Questions of our own that always need answering, too!)

Then it’s on to your questions—both live ones you can ask after listening to our talk, or about anything else…or this:

  • You can submit a question ahead of time with a photo of the garden area you’re
    having trouble sorting out, or some insect pest or disease for us to help diagnose. (When you register for the class, you’ll receive instructions how to submit advance questions.)

Can’t join us live? We’ll send a replay out afterwards to everyone who registers, even if you don’t attend.

No matter what your experience level, I’m sure you’ll find some helpful ideas (and probably a few laughs, since we cannot help ourselves with the bad jokes…). We hope you’ll come spend some time talking plants with us on August 31.




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