FSII elected Ajay Rana, MD & CEO, Savana Seeds as its new Chairman


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FSII welcomes Ajay Rana, CEO and Managing Director of Savannah Seeds Private Limited, ushering in a new era of leadership in the Indian seed industry.

Ajay Rana, Chairman and CEO of Savannah Seeds Pvt Ltd has been selected as the Chairman of FSII's new leadership team.
Ajay Rana, Chairman and CEO of Savannah Seeds Pvt Ltd has been selected as the Chairman of FSII’s new leadership team.

FSII (Federation of Seed Industry of India) has successfully undergone a leadership transition in a series of exciting developments, welcoming Ajay Rana, CEO and Managing Director of Savana Seeds Pvt. Joined a team of renowned people. Leader in FSII’s new leadership team.

This transfer comes with a hearty thanks to the founder and former members of the Board who have been instrumental in establishing FSII’s strong reputation and recognition in the Indian seed sector.

Under this new leadership team, FSII is poised to strengthen its position as a ‘knowledge-based’ federation of research-based seed companies in India.

One of the recent milestones was the collaborative effort between FSII and IFPRI, and the seminar saw the active participation of stakeholders from the private sector, government bodies, and industry, promoting innovation, technology adoption, R&D Topics like investment, and trading strategies are highlighted. .

In addition, the focus is on developing both technical and soft skills, fostering innovation, and fostering entrepreneurship among the next generation.

FSII remains steadfast in its commitment to serve its members and advance the interests of the Indian seed industry. They eagerly await valuable inputs and suggestions from stakeholders as they continue on their dedicated path towards growth and development.

Also, Ajay Rana was the Vice Chairman of FSII and has now been elected as Chairman of FSII succeeding Dr. Ramasamy, who was the founder Chairman of FSII.

First Published: 06 Oct 2023, 12:55 IST

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