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Cherry Ong recently visited Seattle’s Pike Place Market, which is a famous farmers market; however, she was focused not on the fresh produce for sale, but on the beautiful plantings.

This garden bed with the Corten steel edging is located by the Market Pavilion and overlooks the water. The bed is everything you would want in a summer garden—bold, spicy, and full of color and energy.

close up of large plant with dark foliage in raised bedHuge castor beans (Ricinus communis, Zones 9–11 or as an annual) dominate the planting here with bold, dark leaves and showy red developing seeds.

close up of morning glory in the raised bedA morning glory (Ipomoea purpurea, annual) has been trained to grow as a mound of foliage sprinkled with beautiful purple blooms that will fade in the afternoon.

close up of purple morning glory flowersCloser look at the morning glory blooms

close up of bright pink flowers amongst dark foliage plantPetunias (Petunia hybrids, Zones 9–11 or as an annual) are blooming amid sweet potato vines (Ipomoea batatas, Zone 10–12 or as an annual. The dark sweet potato foliage makes the petunia flowers glow.

close up of spotted bee balmSpotted bee balm (Monarda punctata, Zones 4–9). Most bee balms are grown for their showy flowers, but on this species, the flowers are small and almost unnoticeable compared to the large, beautiful, white-and-pink bracts that surround them.

close up of Spotted bee balm bractsThough not technically petals, these brachts perform the same function—attracting pollinators.

close up of purple and pink flowersA cluster of sunflowers (Helianthus annuus, annual) not yet in bloom still provide great beauty thanks to their bold foliage.

blue flowers planted with bright green foliage plantBrilliant gold sweet potato vine and blue sea holly (Eryngium sp.)

long garden bed with red and yellow flowersA big patch of marigolds (Tagetes patula, annual) brings intense color to this bed. Marigolds are among the easiest and heaviest-flowering annuals you can grow.

hanging basket with purple and green foliage and red and white flowersThis incredible hanging basket includes sweet potato vines in two colors and some gorgeous petunias.

same hanging basket but without the red flowersAnother hanging basket, with almost the same plants, gives a completely different feel without the red petunias.


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