Judith’s garden is adapting to the challenges.



Today we are meeting with Judith.

After 25 years in my home in Pines Lake, a lake community in Wayne, New Jersey, my garden is still a work in progress with constant challenges.

I have a tiered property, and the upper woodland area was once full of hemlocks. (Tsuga canadensis, zones 3–7), but the woolly adelgid destroys the area. I now have the area covered in moss. (Rhododendron hybrids, zones 5-9), maple (Podophyllum palatum, zones 3-8), and hosta

In the past few years, deer have brought another challenge. My host and other deer dishes were being finished in the front yard. Gradually I transplanted the deer’s candy (variety of hosta) into a fenced backyard and replaced them with hellebores. (Helibores hybrids, zones 4-9), yucca (Yuca flamentosa, Zones 4–10), ‘Averillo’ sedge (Carex oshimensis ‘Averillo’, zones 5-9) Coreopsis, and Chinese fringe flowers (Luropetalum Chinese, zones 7-10).

My backyard was the ideal location for a mountain waterfall, which I added three years ago. I surrounded him with the Eternals, Astilbe Host, ‘Averello’ Sages, Hatchera, Tortoise head (Chilon Oblica, (zones 5-9) Hydrangea And even Jack in the Pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum). I put a light in the waterfall to enjoy at night.

Garden shed with bright plants all aroundBackyard shed area: Hostas, Japanese paint fern (Ethereum Nipponcum var Image, Zones 3-8), Gold Dust PlanT. (Akoba japonica, Zones 7-10), Haakon Grass (Haconchalua macra, (zones 5-9)

Plant hosta and other plants around dry streamsHillsides with hakoon grass, hostas, azaleas, and a dry stream bed

Close up of pink mountain laurel before bloomingMountain Laurel (Calmia latifolia, Zones 4-9) is getting ready to bloom in my front yard.

Bird houses on a garden path with rose-red and purple flowersThe hillside includes birdhouses, azaleas and hostas. I made two railroad tie paths leading to the forest area.

A garden sculpture surrounded by lush vegetationThis is a “wildland” area, with hostas, ferns and rose bushes. Moss naturally covered the area, which I welcomed.

Small corner garden with fountain and small plants in front of white fence and gateI removed the grass from the sides of the house and made a flagged path. I planted a corner garden near the deck with a hatchery, a sedum and annual begonias. I had to attach the gate and fence because the deer would walk across the path and into my back garden!

Near Green HelleborDue to deer pressure, I replaced all of my hostas with hellebores of different varieties. (Helleborus viridis, Zones 4-8) in the front yard.

The sloping garden bed is covered in vegetation and has a small waterfall.At this waterfall — lined with sage, azaleas, heucheras, hostas, and more. Japanese Iris (Iris unsata, Zones 5-9) — I often see cardinals bathing in the afternoon.

Slope and waterfall garden with colorful garden lights in the eveningAt night, in spring and autumn, the hillsides look magical, with blooming azaleas and Carex Color bursts in spring and fall.

Front yard garden with lots of ornamental grass.My front yard has a semi-circular garden and includes yuccas, ‘Averillo’ sedges, hakoon grass, columbine, Chinese fringe flowers, alliums, daffodils and coreopsis.

Sloping garden with bright red azaleas in bloom.Backyard: When I bought my house, the top of the hill was covered with anemic grass and was difficult to mow. Azaleas now anchor the hillside.

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