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My name is Rajini. I am from Bangalore, India. I have a terrace garden and would like to share these pictures.

close up of bright pink rain lilies in a containerThese plants are called rain lilies (Zephyranthes, Zones 7–10) because they tend to bloom throughout the summer, putting out a new flush of blooms after each rainstorm.

close up of various orchids in hanging baskets under a treeThis corner of Rajini’s terrace garden contains hanging containers of orchids. Many popular orchids grow in the branches of trees, so hanging baskets like these mimic how they would grow in the wild.

wider view of terrace garden and hanging basketsEven in a small space, you can grow a lot of things by using containers and hanging baskets.

close up of soft yellow orchid flowersSoft yellow Phalaenopsis orchids bloom in one of the hanging containers.

close up of cream colored rose with pink of edges of petalsThis rose is just stunning. I love how each petal is perfectly outlined in pink.

close up of bright yellow orchid with lots of bloomsThis is an Oncidium orchid, one of the easier types to grow and a heavy bloomer when happy.

close up of cluster of pink rosesThis rose has small individual flowers, but it makes up for that by producing them in these big clusters. I love how they open a darker pink and fade to near white, so the cluster shows many colors at once.

close up of roses with pink and white speckled and striped flowersFor multicolored roses, it’s hard to beat this one, with each bloom striped and speckled with pink and white. There are quite a few rose varieties that show this type of pattern. Each bloom is different, and all are beautiful.


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