Tamil Nadu Government gives approval for Garuda Aerospace drone for Rs 2 lakh.


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Garuda Aerospace Drone has received approval from Tamil Nadu Government. The price of Garuda Aerospace drone starts from Rs.2 lakh.

Garda Aerospace Drones (Image courtesy: garudaaerospace.com)
Garda Aerospace Drones (Image courtesy: garudaaerospace.com)

The Tamil Nadu government approved a subsidy for Garuda Aerospace, an Indian drone startup, as part of its agricultural mechanization programme. Only two companies have received this approval. The program aims to address agricultural labor shortages and increase crop production by subsidizing pesticide spraying and pest monitoring by drones. Farmers can also get drone pilot training or hire licensed pilots. Those who have bank loans for Garuda Aerospace drones benefit from a 3% interest subsidy through the Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF).

Agneswar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garwood Aerospace expressed his commitment to advance agricultural practices in Tamil Nadu and across India through advanced drone technology. The subsidy provided through the agricultural mechanization program will facilitate greater adoption of technology and increase crop production. He expressed gratitude for the program and its subsidies, and affirmed Garuda Aerospace’s commitment to helping and enabling farmers to adopt technology and modern agricultural practices.

A farmer in Tamil Nadu believes that drone technology is having a significant impact on agriculture and foresees a growing demand. Garuda Aerospace’s drones have revolutionized farming by saving time and resources through tasks like fertilizer application and pesticide spraying. They cover larger field areas for more uniform and consistent results. These drones have previously tackled the challenges of rugged terrain. Kisan appreciates their quality, durability and excellent customer service. As drone technology advances, he foresees an even greater role for it in agriculture, especially with companies like Garuda Aerospace leading the way, and he looks forward to the benefits in his lifetime. do

Garuda Aerospace has launched a comprehensive drone yatra across several Indian states including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Punjab, West Bengal, Goa, and Bihar. The initiative aims to bring about a significant change in India’s agriculture sector through the deployment of their advanced farmer drones. The company has received approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for both manufacturing and training, exemplifying its unwavering commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

First Published: 27 Sep 2023, 10:52 IST

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