The 16th Agricultural Science Congress will welcome more than 1500 delegates from India and abroad.

The 16th Agricultural Science Congress will welcome over 1500 delegates from India and abroad (Representative Image Source: @PRupala/twitter)
The 16th Agricultural Science Congress will welcome over 1500 delegates from India and abroad (Representative Image Source: @PRupala/twitter)

Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying Prashotham Rupala is scheduled to inaugurate the 16th Agricultural Science Congress (ASC) at Hotel Le Meridien in Kochi tomorrow. Starting on Tuesday, October 10, the four-day event will bring together leading agricultural economists, scientists, policy makers, academics, farmers and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Secretary, Department of Agricultural Research and Education (DARE) and Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) will deliver the presidential address. Kerala Agriculture Minister P Prasad, MP Hebi Eden, Chairperson of Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority Dr Terlochan Mahapatra and NABARD Chairman KV Shaji will be among the guests of honour. Former President of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS) Professor Punjab Singh Dr AB Joshi will deliver the Memorial Lecture.

ASC’s primary objective is to promote scientific dialogue on how to transform India’s agri-food systems into sustainable enterprises, to ensure their benefits for future generations. Organized by the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), this year’s Agricultural Science Congress begins in Kerala and is hosted by the ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).

The congress covers various aspects of agriculture, sustainability on land and water, agricultural production systems, products, machinery, climate action, economics, renewable energy, precision farming, alternative farming systems, coastal agriculture, and next-generation technologies.

The event will feature an array of renowned experts such as World Bank’s renowned economist Dr. Madhar Gautam. Dr. Krishna Ella, CMD of Bharat Biotech; Dr. Vijaypal Sharma, Chairman, Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission; Dr. Prabhu Pingli, Founding Director of Tata Cornell Institute; Dr Rishi Sharma from FAO; and Dr. Kadamboot Siddique, who will lead the various sessions.

The 16th Agricultural Science Congress (ASC) will also host three panel discussions and four symposia covering a wide range of topics, such as coastal agriculture and livelihoods, sorghum mainstreaming, youth empowerment, and gender. Equality One of the major highlights of the event will be the Farmer Scientist Interface Session, which will facilitate direct exchange of knowledge and experiences between the farming community and leading researchers.

The Congress is expecting more than 1500 delegates from India and abroad. Additionally, the event will be accompanied by an Agri Expo, which will showcase the latest agricultural technologies from public and private sector research institutes, universities, agricultural industries, extension agencies and NGOs. The gathering promises to be an important platform for shaping the future of agriculture in India and promoting sustainability in the agri-food sector.

First Published: 09 Oct 2023, 22:26 IST




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