The civil servant gave the farmers a lot of profit from dragon fruit farming; Here’s how


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After resigning from his job in Bathinda, a government employee ventured into dragon fruit farming and is currently earning millions.

Dragon fruit, an unconventional crop in Punjab piqued Jitendra's interest.  (Photo courtesy of Freepik)
Dragon fruit, an unconventional crop in Punjab piqued Jitendra’s interest. (Photo courtesy of Freepik)

In the state of Punjab, staple crops such as wheat, maize, sugarcane, paddy and millet dominate agricultural practices. However, many farmers, including Jitendra of Bathinda, struggled to earn a decent income from these traditional crops.

Jitendra, a government employee, faced the same challenge until he discovered the potential of dragon fruit cultivation, prompting him to take a life-changing decision.

Government employees are earning lakhs of rupees with dragon fruit cultivation.

Dragon fruit, an unconventional crop in Punjab piqued Jitendra’s interest. With determination and hard work, he embarked on a difficult journey. In the beginning, he faced numerous obstacles but with the guidance of experts, he started dragon fruit cultivation in his native land three years ago.

Cultivation of dragon fruit Cost and timeline

Cultivating dragon fruit is not for the faint of heart. It demands significant time and financial investment. The planting season extends from February to March, and unlike most crops, dragon fruit takes one to two years to ripen. The initial expenses of one acre of land can be up to five lakh rupees.

Bountiful Return by Cultivation of dragon fruit

Despite the challenges, Jitendra’s decision paid off. Dragon fruit fetches excellent value in the Indian market, costing Rs 600 to 800 per kg. Jitendra’s annual income from the dragon fruit crop has now reached Rs 8 to 10 lakh. In particular, dragon fruit is loved by dengue patients and health conscious people alike, further increasing its demand.

Thus, Jitendra’s success story is a testament to the transformative potential of innovative farming practices in Punjab. His shift from traditional crops to dragon fruit cultivation not only significantly improved his family’s financial condition but also introduced a unique and health-conscious product to the market. This story illustrates the importance of diversifying agricultural practices and embracing change in search of a better future.

First Published: 29 Sep 2023, 15:42 IST

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