This fast-growing, drought-tolerant shrub is perfect for hedges and screening



If you come across this shrub when it’s sending out new growth, you’ll do a double take. The fiery red leaves are absolutely stunning. Of course, once the leaves turn green, that’s nothing either. Red Fury™ Japanese Futenia (also known as Dynamo Red™) is a fast-growing shrub that makes an excellent hedge, screen, or evergreen background. Its hardiness range, heat tolerance, and drought tolerance also make it a good choice for gardeners in hot and dry regions. Red Fury™ is reported to have greater resistance to photinia leaf spot and denser growth than similar photinias. If you feel like cutting it, it responds well to training and shaving.

Red Fury™ Japanese Photenia

Photenia ‘Persor’

Zones: 7-11

Size: 8 to 10 feet tall and 5 to 7 feet wide

Conditions: full sun; Moist to dry, well-drained soil

Local Range: Asia




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