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Today we’re going to Southern Ontario with Tracy Tallman.

We live in a very shady country. This limits our plant choices considerably. Among our favorites again. hosta (Zones 3-9), Hellebores (Helibores (hybrids, zones 5-8). Heuchera (Zones 5-9), bleeding. (Dicentra. sp.), Japanese ferns (Ethereum Nipponcum, Zones 3–8), grasses, and ground cover. Natural moss is growing between the stones of the path. It is a wonderfully peaceful oasis.

The hosts are locked in front of the fence and the heart is bleeding.Tried and true shade lovers with Tracy Gardens make a wonderful lush garden. The background is a hemlock tree (Tsuga canadensis, zones 3–7). obverse, bleeding heart (Dysentery Spectaclezones 2–8) and host plants in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures.

Chain link fence climbing plantsEvery corner of the garden has an opportunity to add some beautiful plants. Native Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefoliaZones 3-9) softens a chain-link fence with climbing greenery.

Near the hosts in front of the fenceHosts in every shade of green, from large to small, line the fence.

Evergreen plants in the gardenAlthough hellebores have long since outgrown the flowers, their pest-resistant, evergreen plants still contribute to the garden.

Climbing hydrangea covering the covered patioClimbing hydrangea (Hydrangea Anomaly subsp petiolaris, zones 4–8) cover the structure with lush foliage and delicate sprays of white flowers. This vine can be slow growing at first, but once it is established, it becomes a large, beautiful part of the garden. The four-legged garden dwellers seem to enjoy it, too.

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