Vegetable Oil Producers Association appointed new president Sudhakar Rao Desai.


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Sudhakar Rao Desai has been re-elected as the President of IVPA. Apart from this, Amarinder Mishra and VK Jain have been elected as Vice Presidents.

Desai has also served as a director at the Bombay Commodity Exchange.  (Image Courtesy – Linkedin)
Desai has also served as a director at the Bombay Commodity Exchange. (Image Courtesy – Linkedin)

Sudhakar Rao Desai has been re-elected as the President of the Indian Vegetable Oil Producers Association (IVPA) during its 46th Annual General Meeting.

He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Emami Agrotech Limited. Desai has a remarkable track record in the industry, having previously served as a member of the Organizing Committee of Globe Oil and the Product Committee of Commodity Exchanges in India. He has also held the position of director at the Bombay Commodity Exchange.

Joining him in key leadership roles are ADM India Managing Director Amarinder Mishra and Patanjali Foods Vice President VK Jain, who has been elected as IVPA Vice President.

Mishra brings with him over a decade and a half of industry experience and active involvement in various industry committees. On the other hand, Jain boasts of an impressive career spanning over four decades in the oil and oilseeds sector.

Desai emphasized IVPA’s role as a trusted voice within the industry, stressing its commitment to facilitating communication between industry and government.

IVPA is actively collaborating with government ministries to provide valuable insights for policy-making aimed at enhancing stakeholder value, promoting economic growth, and ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

Over the past year, IVPA has been instrumental in facilitating critical communication between industry and government, particularly during challenging times. This included recommendations on price policies for rabi crops and addressing inflationary concerns for edible oil.

IVPA has also expanded its global presence by signing memorandums of understanding with the Palm Oil Board of Malaysia and the Palm Oil Refinery Association of Thailand during the IVPA Global Roundtable Conference @ 2.0. These agreements aim to promote cooperation in areas of mutual interest, an important step in IVPA’s efforts to engage with international partners.

In summary, the re-election of Sudhakar Rao Desai as President, along with the appointment of experienced leaders as Vice Presidents, confirmed IVPA’s commitment to act as a bridge between the Indian vegetable oil industry and the government. clarifies. Their efforts to provide industry insight, address challenges and promote international collaboration position IVPA as a key player in the field.

First Published: 26 Sep 2023, 11:53 IST

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