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My name is Alison Pond, and I own this. Primo pots and planters in Moorestown, New Jersey. After 20 years in sales ranging from Xerox copiers to pharmaceuticals this is a Chapter 2 career for me. After surviving countless layoffs, I left the industry to pursue a job that didn’t destroy my soul. I started this business in 2016 and received my Master Gardener certification in 2019. These are some of the containers I make for my clients.

Close up window box with white and pink flowers.This window box features Angelonia. (Angelonia angustifolia, Zones 9-11 or as an annual), Sun Patens (Impatient Hockery, Zones 10-11 or as an annual), angel wing senecio (Senecio candicans, Zones 8-10 or as an annual), cosmos (Cosmos bipnotus, annual), lobularia (Lobularia maritima, Zones 9-11 or as an annual) and creeping gentian (Lysmachia nummularia, Zones 3-9).

Plaited hibiscus in the container and red and white flowers at the baseThis topiary was my most popular design this season. It features a braided hibiscus. (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Zones 9–11 or as an annual), San Patens, Supertonia (Petunia Hybrids, zones 10-11 or as an annual), sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas, Zones 10-11 or as an annual) Calibrachoa (Zones 10-11 or as an annual) Verbena (Zones 9-11 or as an annual), and Bacopa (Zones 9-11 or as an annual).

A rectangular shaped container with red and white flowers and colorful plantsThis railing planter has geraniums. (Pelargonium hybrid, zones 9-11 or as an annual), angel wing senesio, verbena, CalibrachoaAnd Lysmachia.

A tall container with bright red geraniums and small white flowersThis planter has geraniums, verbena, senecio (not caught yet!), and one of my signature accents that I use in every planter.

Close up window box with white yellow and red flowers.This window box is full. Pentas (Zones 10-11 or as an annual) Lying down (Zones 8-11 or as an annual), Sun Patens, Corkscrew Rush (Jinx Ephesus ‘Spiralis’, zones 5-11), creeping genie, and Lobleria. I customized the accents, which are bleached wood bell cups, and added some moss to the center. These colors were used for the university this student is attending in the fall.

Window box container with lots of flowers and small solar lights.Here’s a planter with solar lights entered for a college graduation party!

Plant containers with pink flowers and colorful plantsIt contains a small pot for a shady spot. Caladium (Zones 8-11 or as a tender bulb) Begonia (Zones 10-11 or as an annual), sweet potato vine, an aerial plant (Tlandsia, Zones 10-11 or as an annual or house plant) and Bell Cup.

Gardener with his hibiscus planting in a containerMe with one of my planters

A robin's nest in the middle of a container plantingWe weren’t the only ones who loved these planters! A robin built a nest within a week, and we climbed a ladder to get a better view. Robin didn’t even bother the hibiscus. It was great!

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