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I’m Sheila Abier, and I garden in northern Vermont (zone 4b/5a). I have sent pictures before. (Sheila’s Vermont Garden).

Gardening runs in my family. I gravitate toward cottage-style gardens with lots of meandering paths, and I enjoy water features.

Close-up of hosta, peony and clematisA delightful combination of hosta (Zones 3-8), peony (Peonia hybrid, zones 3–7), and Clematis (Zones 4-9)

The garden door opens to a lush garden and patio.It is visible through two overlapping ‘hakuro nishiki’ willows. (Salix Integra ‘Hukuro Nishiki’, Zones 5-7) towards the patio. You can see the hosta and lingonberry along with the peony and barberry in the foreground. (Berberis thunbergii, Zones 4-8) behind them. There is a burst of phlox across the patio. (Phlox punculata, Zones 4-9), my corkscrew hazel (Corylus oleana ‘Contorta’, zones 4-8) and thread-leaf false cypress (Chamispirus pacificera, Zones 4-8).

The garden patio is surrounded by green shrubs and trees.The patio is surrounded by an abundance of plants that make for a wonderfully peaceful place to stay inside. I like orange. Geom (Zones 5-9) Next to the hydrangea is yet to bloom. Evergreens are at the forefront. The rhododendron I planted between them struggles a bit, but I like its contrasting foliage. The small ornamental tree on the left was one of my first plantings. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is, but it produces yellow flowers in the spring.

A gravel path leads through the garden to the house.Dam’s many rockets (Hesperus matronalis, Zones 3-8) Self-seed shed in front of my garden. As they finish, the Canterbury bells ring. (Campanola species) will begin to bloom on their feet and look beautiful leaning against the black fence. Vigila (Weigela florida, (zones 5-9) has finished blooming but was stunning with its cascading stems and pink flowers. My attempts at hypertufa pots sit on gravel paths. A globe is pine. (Thuja occidentalis, Zones 2-7) with some bugleweed (Ajoga Reptons, Zones 3-10) on the right.

Another view of the garden patio with colorful plantsThis is another image of planting around the patio. You can see the base of corkscew hazel, with suckers galore, daylily ‘Stella D’Oro’. (Hemerocallis ‘Stella de Oro’, zones 3–10) just blooming, Panstemon (Penstemon Digitals, Zones 3-8), Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum, Zones 4–8), Threadleaf False Cypress, Phlox (Phlox punculata, zones 5–9) and a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zones 5-9).

Enclosed garden with gravel path and garden bedsThese plants fill what used to be an above ground pool. Some splashes of color are from peonies, bearded iris (Iris hybrids, zones 3–8) and other perennials. Corkscrew hazel is somewhat dominant but slightly balanced by Japanese maples and barberry.

Garden pond in front of patioEvening pond view surrounded by hostas, bearded irises, and a rhododendron

Shaded garden with lots of green hostas and fernsThe host in the shady garden, Solomon’s seal, the robe of the lungs (Pulmonaria, Zones 3-9), and ferns need some late afternoon sun. Clematis are just starting to bloom.

View of the house from the garden with lots of shrubs and small treesA Japanese maple dominates the view from the patio to the house. Both vessels are seeded with violas. Japanese anonym (Anemone hyophenus, Zones 4-8) will bloom later, but it still provides good foliage. In the background is the fence I designed and my husband and friend built.

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