Decoding signs if your cat reaches puberty, body language


(Image courtesy: Pixels)
(Image courtesy: Pixels)

Persian cats are one of the most beloved indoor pets in the entire world with their luxurious, charming personalities, they mesmerize everyone in the room. However, raising and caring for these wonderful little creatures is not easy. Aside from feeding them the best treats every day, cats need a lot more. It is very important to know the correct mating age of a Persian cat.

What is the right age to mate a male cat?

The ideal mating age for a male Persian cat is around 2 years. However, there are several signs that indicate whether or not they should be sent outside to interact with the cat.

What is the correct age for a cat to mate with a female?

The ideal mating age for a female Persian cat is 10-12 months. Before that it is not healthy.

There are signs that speak for both male and female Persian cats, these are listed below.

Instead, the age at which they can safely reproduce depends on their individual health and reproductive readiness. If you’re interested in starting a breeding program or just curious about your cat’s preparation, consulting a veterinarian can provide valuable insight. They can perform hormone tests to determine if your Persian cat is truly ready to enter the world of parenthood.

Persian Cat Metamorphosis: Signs Your Cat Affects Puberty

1. Conduct

Puberty often heralds a period of restlessness. While other cat breeds can roam outside during this stage, Persian cats, often indoor, struggle to stay calm indoors. Male cats, in particular, can be more aggressive, fighting with male housemates.

2. Meowing

Unusual vocalizations are another hallmark of Persian cat puberty. You may hear constant and loud meowing, crying, or screeching, which usually continues until mating or the queen’s heat cycle ends.

3. Licking the genitals

In the heat experiment, female cats increased blood flow to their vulva, causing mild swelling and discomfort. This discomfort prompts them to lick the area more often. If your female Persian cat is licking the genitals excessively without other signs of puberty, consult a vet to rule out a possible infection.

4. Love

Although Persian cats are known for their affectionate nature, their level of adorable attention increases during puberty. They may frequently rub against you, furniture, or objects and may engage in head banging as a way to communicate their intentions to potential mates.

5. Spraying urine on cats

Both male and female cats entering puberty often engage in urine spraying through interactions with other cats. This behavior is normal and serves as a natural way for them to communicate and express their readiness for mating.

6. Not taking food

A significant decrease in appetite can be another sign of puberty. Instead of focusing on nurturing, female cats’ primary instincts during this stage are towards mating. If the behavior persists after the usual two-week period, consult a doctor to rule out underlying health problems.

It is important to remember that these changes are a normal part of Persian cat development. Suppressing these behaviors is not recommended. However, if you want to prevent unwanted pregnancy, it is important to consult a veterinarian to find the best contraceptive methods.

First Published: 24 Sep 2023, 15:35 IST


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