Discover 5 common causes of frequent belching.


Stomach ulcers can also lead to burping.  (Photo courtesy of Freepik/Canva)
Stomach ulcers can also lead to burping. (Photo courtesy of Freepik/Canva)

Excessive heartburn, also known as burping, can be a common and often embarrassing occurrence for many people. It is usually caused by the natural release of air from the stomach, but various factors can contribute to its frequency.

Diet, eating habits, and underlying medical conditions all play a role in why some people get bumps more often than others. It is important to understand the causes of excessive palpitations in order to manage this bodily function and achieve greater comfort in daily life.

Why are you burning so much?

Burping acts as a natural mechanism for the body to expel excess gas that has accumulated in the stomach. This accumulation of air occurs not only when we eat food, liquids or saliva, but also when we swallow small amounts of air during these processes. However, aside from this basic function, palpitations can have various underlying causes.

heavy meal

Eating a heavy meal can make you gasp more because the muscles that hold your food and stomach juices down relax, allowing more air to pass out.

Food intolerance

If your stomach has trouble digesting certain foods, it can cause you to burp a lot. This can happen to people who cannot handle certain foods well. These foods can cause gas and make your stomach feel bloated, which can cause more bloating.


Pregnancy causes changes in hormones. The hormone progesterone causes the sphincter muscle to relax, causing burps.

Stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers can also make you more irritable. Ulcers are painful sores that can sometimes appear in the lining of your stomach and produce excess acid. This excess acid can result in increased burping.


Constipation is another digestive problem that some people experience regularly. This can happen frequently and can also cause frequent breakouts.

First Published: 09 Oct 2023, 16:54 IST

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