Shakti Pumps Converts ‘Aanadata’ to ‘Urja data’ with PM-KUSUM Component-C


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Shakti Pumps convert ‘Anadatta’ into ‘Arja Data’ with PM-kasam. In addition, it has received an order worth Rs 149.71 crore from Ajmer Vidit Vatran Nigam Limited, which shows India’s commitment to solar energy and sustainable agriculture.

Shakti Pumps Converts 'Aanadata' to 'Urja data' with PM-KUSUM Component-C
Shakti Pumps Converts ‘Aanadata’ to ‘Urja data’ with PM-KUSUM Component-C

Shakti Pumps, an Indian solar pumping company, has bagged an order worth Rs 149.71 crore from Ajmer Vidwit Vatran Nigam Limited on October 9, 2023 under PM-KUSUM Component-C, reflecting India’s commitment towards solar energy and sustainable agriculture. Is.

The project involves replacing inefficient electric pump sets with energy efficient BLDC solar pump sets, which are powered by solar energy. Excess electricity can be fed back to the grid. The initiative will enable Indian farmers to improve irrigation, reduce dependence on conventional energy, and generate revenue through the sale of surplus electricity to Discoms. Dinesh Patidar, chairman of Shakti Pumps, supports the initiative, highlighting how it transforms farmers into energy providers.

A pump set worth Rs 10 lakh can be recovered by the discom in 5 years, saving up to Rs 2 lakh annually. Farmers can earn up to Rs 50,000 per year by selling surplus electricity and collect Rs 2.5 lakh in 5 years. It empowers farmers, enhances irrigation, and ensures energy security. (Savings based on internal study for 10 HP pump set).

The scheme benefits discoms by buying power from farmers at Rs 3 per unit and selling it at Rs 6 per unit, promoting energy efficiency and reducing tariff subsidies. Local installation and connection to discom networks reduces transmission and distribution (T&D) losses and expands the grid. This helps Discoms meet their Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) and aligns with India’s target of achieving 40% non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030, reducing carbon footprint. is reduced.

A grid-connected solar pumping system can drive pumps and export surplus energy to the grid, increasing farmers’ incomes, reducing pollution, and modernizing agriculture. It promotes micro-irrigation, improving crop yield, quality and prices. This initiative marks a breakthrough for farmers and the nation, promoting sustainability. Shakti Pumps is proud to be a part of this transformative project, contributing to India’s sustainable future.

About Shakti Pumps:

Shakti Pumps is a pioneer in sustainable and reliable solar pumping solutions, with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. The company has played an important role in revolutionizing the agricultural sector by adopting solar pump technology. Shakti’s submersible pumps are all made of stainless steel (SS), showcasing state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing quality. Notably, Shakti Pumps holds the distinction of being India’s first 5-star rated pump manufacturer and supplies its products to more than 100 countries worldwide. Additionally, it manufactures its own solar pumps, motors, structures and controllers (VFDs).

First Published: 09 Oct 2023, 16:22 IST

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