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Today’s photos are from Willie Bennett in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Unique white floral band with yellow detailingshooting star (Dodecathione mediaZones 4–8) is a beautiful and not very commonly grown native wildflower.

Close up of small, pale white flowersTyrella cordifolia (Zones 4-9) is another endemic, found in moist woodland sites around eastern North America.

Close up of small purple flowers.Phacelia bipinnatifidaA biennial wildflower native to forests around eastern North America, it has beautiful blue flowers.

A cluster of small pink flowers with white spotswild ginger (Asrom species) have beautiful flowers that are often missed because they bloom low to the ground—better accessible to the beetles that pollinate them. But look closely and you will be rewarded with these beautiful flowers. The plant is an attractive, deer-resistant, native addition to any shade garden.

Close up of white flowers on a bushAlabama Ice Sheet (Nuevosia alabamensisZones 5–8) is a beautiful shrub native to the Southeast that produces clouds of airy white flowers in spring.

A large shrub with pink flowers, with most of the petals on the groundCamellia (Zones 7-10) is a classic winter flowering shrub. It has gorgeous pink flowers that probably make an even better display after fall.

Close up of a tree with yellow foliage in autumnIt’s hard to beat the bright yellow of ginkgo (Ginkgo BilobaZones 4-9) in fall against a clear, blue, North Carolina sky.

A winged bumblebee with bright purple flowersGeorgia Easter (Symphyotrichum GeorgeumZones 3-9) have intensely colored purple flowers that are loved by humans and bumblebees alike.

Close to pale pink flowers with yellow centersCertainly one of the most beautiful native wildflowers in eastern North America. Sabatia Canadiana (Zones 6-9), with its incredible pink flowers. It prefers moist places.

Close-up of exotic orange lilyAnother fan of wetlands is the pine lily (Lilium catesbaeizones 7-10).

Monarch butterfly caterpillar under a plant leafOnly a few monarch butterfly caterpillars are eating—one benefit of growing many native plants!

If you want to see more of Willie’s beautiful plants, check out her Instagram: @wileyb2141

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