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Hi, I’m Tracy Sundby—mother, wife, homemaker, and gardener extraordinaire in Stanwood, Washington. These past two years have brought a profound awakening to my soul. I became a mother, battled melanoma, and lost my job of 16 years. My mental health was struggling, and working on the land was the cure. I worked tirelessly in the garden, perfecting and growing things I had only dreamed of in a short growing season. Something deep within me awakened to my purpose, and I stopped wondering why I couldn’t and started wondering how I could. My passion for flowers and gardening runs deep in my veins and goes back generations to my ancestors who tilled the land. This spring I first healed and found my authenticity through growing and sharing flowers. “Flowers of Freedom” was born, and I was never more sure of knowing that this was my path. I’m learning every day about where I fit into this industry and having a great time while I’m doing it!

A kitten lies in front of a basket of pink and white dahlias.Life on the farm, with beautiful dahlias (dahlia variable, Zones 8-11 or as tender bulbs) and a kitten.

Community badges "Library" Free badge offerThe Little Free Seed Library at the farm near our farm stand is for community seed swapping. Don’t have a packet to drop? Okay fine. Simply make a donation, or pledge to grow, harvest and return seeds to the library next season. Our ancestors used to exchange seeds with their neighbors all the time. So collecting seeds at the library allows us to give back to our community and honor old traditions!

Different flower bouquets on metal standBouquets are ready for sale at the farm stand.

A large garden of different colored flowersThese are some cutting flower beds for sale.

Garden in spring with empty raised bedsIt all starts here. In spring these beds are ready to burst with life and flowers.

A flower farm stands at the farmer's market.Farmers are selling flowers in the market.

A large bouquet of pink, purple and white flowersA beautiful wedding bouquet

Close up of pink sweet pea flowersAn aromatic favorite on the flower farm: sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratusper annum)

Close up of large, cream-colored rosettesThe David Austin rose ‘Litchfield Angel’ looks absolutely stunning.

A large pile of cut statis flowersStatus (Lemonium cynotum,annual) makes an excellent filler in fresh bouquets, but it also dries beautifully, making it wonderful for long-lasting dry bouquets.

If you would like to learn more about Tracy and her growing of flowers, visit her website, Or Instagram @freedomfarmflowers.

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