Growing Knowledge: The Essential Guide to the Landscape Design Course with Courtney Olander



Introduction and Section 1: 22 February 2023

Getting Started — Learn to See Like a Designer Discover sources of motivation, identify what you want to change and why, learn how to understand your site’s conditions, and address site function and flow.

Section 2: 1 March 2023

Design principles, tips, and tricks: Explore design principles that address space, layout, proportion, and color scheme, and discover ideas that will work best for you and your landscape.

Section 3: 8 March 2023

Pay attention to plants: Learn how to assess a plant’s strengths and weaknesses to decide when and where to use it in the landscape. This module explores seasonality, texture, and optimal combinations to create harmony in your design.

Section 4: March 15, 2023

Putting it all together: Learn to turn your ideas into a site plan, including budgeting, how many plants you need, and when to plant them. Do you need to hire a professional for any aspect of your design? This module addresses these questions and tells you how to turn your vision into reality.

Live Q&A: March 22, 2023, 7:00 PM EST

Chat live with Courtney Olander: Bring your questions! Courtney will be available to provide professional advice on solving complex design challenges.



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