Grundfos India launched the truck show ‘Jal Se Zindagi Yatra’


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The Solar Solutions on Wheels initiative aims to reach 3,000 people in remote districts of India.

Image courtesy: Grundfos India)
Image courtesy: Grundfos India)

Grundfos India, a leading pump and water solutions company, has launched a ground-breaking initiative, ‘Jal Se Zindagi Yatra’, a mobile van equipped with the latest water supply and solar pump solutions. The mobile van will traverse key regions across India to highlight innovative solar pumping solutions for both community water supply and irrigation. The initiative was inaugurated by His Excellency Royal Danish Ambassador to India Mr. Freddie Swane in New Delhi.

Grundfos’ solar water solutions free farmers as well as rural communities from power cuts and disruptions caused by poor grid-supplied electricity. Frequent incidents of pump failure due to inadequate power quality result in disruption of water supply for irrigation. Solar pumping solutions play an important role in helping communities in remote villages to access water. In this way, villages have the autonomy to ensure a constant, reliable water supply, which lays the foundation for quality of life and economic prosperity.

Grundfos has been a trailblazer in revolutionizing water supply solutions worldwide. With a rich legacy of innovative technologies and sustainable practices, Grundfos is committed to ensuring access to clean and reliable water for communities around the world. In India, Grundfos has played a leading role in providing innovative water supply solutions that have positively impacted millions of lives. Sophisticated pumps and controls are playing a vital role in elevating water infrastructure from urban centers to remote rural areas.

Grundfos’ relentless pursuit of excellence in water supply solutions aligns seamlessly with the country’s goal of ensuring access to safe and reliable water sources for all. Through this “Jil to Life Pilgrimage” initiative, Grundfos reiterates its commitment to push the boundaries and set new standards in the field of water supply solutions.

Speaking at the launch, Rangarajan Ramaswamy, Area Sales Director – Water Utility, Grundfos said, “At Grundfos, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to solving the world’s water and climate challenges. are and are committed to improving the quality of life for people. India is developing rapidly, and energy supply can hardly keep up with demand, hence the need for solar energy. Together, our solar water pumping system provides a sustainable solution. By focusing on water supply, we aim to significantly raise the quality of life in rural areas. We believe in providing solutions that directly benefit millions. affect the well-being of

The “Jal Se Jeevan Yatra” initiative is a testament to Grundfos India’s unwavering commitment to revolutionize water supply solutions. The mobile van will serve as a dynamic platform, showcasing a wide range of efficient, reliable, and technologically advanced Grundfos solar powered pumps and controls specifically designed for water supply. are made for The journey will span six months, covering 24 states in two phases.

First Published: 29 Sep 2023, 15:55 IST

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