Ministry of Textiles approves Rs 46.74 crore for 18 R&D projects in technical textiles

Ministry of Textiles approves Rs 46.74 crore for 18 R&D projects in technical textiles (Representative Image Source: Piyush Goyal/Twitter)
Ministry of Textiles approves Rs 46.74 crore for 18 R&D projects in technical textiles (Representative Image Source: Piyush Goyal/Twitter)

The Ministry of Textiles, led by Union Minister Piyush Goyal, has given green light to 18 research and development (R&D) projects worth Rs 46.74 crore, marking a major breakthrough in the technical textiles sector in India. Is. This decision was taken during the seventh meeting of the Mission Steering Group (MSG) of the National Technical Textile Mission held in New Delhi today.

Union Minister Piyush Goyal emphasized the importance of collaboration between industry and institutions in driving indigenous development of technical textiles in India. The approval of these projects marks an important milestone in the country’s journey towards self-reliance in this sector.

Approved R&D projects are strategically spread across various segments of technical textiles, including Geotech, Protech, Indotech, Sustainable Textiles, Sporttech, Smart e-Textiles, and Meditech. Of these projects, 14 are high-value projects, 3 are prototype grant projects, and 1 is an ideation grant project.

Details of approved projects are as follows:

These projects are spearheaded by prestigious institutions and research institutes such as BTRA, ATERA, IIT Delhi, IIT Jammu, NIT Jalandhar, IIT Kharagpur, CSIR New Delhi, and IIT Madras. will be done through During the meeting, Union Minister Piyush Goyal took a comprehensive review of the various components of the National Technical Textile Mission, including the progress of approved R&D products, projects working under mission mode, grand guidelines in technical textiles. This includes setting up a committee for start-ups. , and upcoming outreach activities and events.

In particular, the sixth edition of the MOT-FICCI-BIS National Conclave on Standards and Regulations and the Meditex Conference in July and September 2023 were highlighted as important events on the horizon. Minister Goyal emphasized the need to reduce dependence on imported technical textiles and specialty fibers as well as to give strong focus to R&D for globally demanded technical textile products.

The meeting also discussed the progress in the field of education, training and skill development. A total of 26 applications from 15 public and 11 private institutions, worth Rs 151.02 crore, were approved. These funds will be used to introduce new coursework, purchase laboratory infrastructure and train teachers in various aspects of technical textiles.

The meeting was attended by senior officials of NITI Aayog, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Ministry of Heavy Industries, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Energy, Department of Expenditure, Department of Higher Education. Promoting industry and internal trade, as well as distinguished members from industry. This development promises to drive economic growth and position India as a global leader in the technical textiles industry.

First Published: 28 Sep 2023, 21:41 IST




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