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I’m Jeff Cecil. My wife and I live in Cypress, California. I started gardening about 20 years ago. Here are some current photos of spring plants and flowers. I have very good luck with hydrangeas and staghorn ferns. I also grow bromeliads, tillendsias, spanish moss, succulents, nasturtiums, senesio, and a few others. The challenge for me is managing the space. Our small patio garden brings us so much joy and beauty. I hope you enjoy our photos!

Close up of big leaf hydrangea with purple and pink flowersAn abundance of hydrangeas (Hydrangea MacrophyllaZones 5-9) with their large, lush flower clusters

Close-up of hydrangea on the patioIn a small patio garden, these incredibly beautiful flowers show that you don’t need a lot of space to enjoy beautiful plants.

Close up hydrangea with pink, purple and blue flowers.These hydrangeas display a full range of flower colors, from rich blue to purple to pink.

Close up of pink and yellow flowersNasturtium (Tropaeolum The Magizones 9-11 or as an annual) are in front, a black-eyed Susan Bell (Thunbergia VomitingZones 10-11 or as an annual) is behind, and a large cloud of pink flowers that to me look like red marguerite daisies (Argyranthemum frutescenszones 10-11 or as annuals) are at the center.

Orange and yellow flowers with silver foliageBright orange nasturtium flowers contrast with silver leaves and yellow flowers. Senecio

A patio garden with many plants in a small spaceThis view of the courtyard garden shows how much beauty is packed into this small space.

Plant various colorful plants in containersPlants dominate here, with coleus (Collis scutellarooideszones 10-11 or as an annual) and polka dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachyaZones 10-11 or as an annual (center stage and silver mass of Spanish moss).Tillandia usneoidesZones 8-10) fall from top to bottom.

More colorful plants and flowers in containersA variegated bromeliad and purple-leaved trad scintia (Tradescantia Pallidazones 8-10) shows up front.

Close-up of staghorn fern in hanging basketCheck out this incredible staghorn fern (Platycerium sp., zones 10-11 or as a houseplant). What a beautiful pattern!

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