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Today we’re joined by Lisa Chapman.

Hi from Waxhaw, North Carolina (Zone 8a/7b). Thank you for featuring me on GPOD last November. It was the perfect early Christmas present. (See Lisa’s North Carolina Garden.)

I’m sharing some recent photos of some new things growing in the garden. I’ve done a lot of work in my rock garden this season, where I’ve focused on adding a variety of drought tolerant plants for my mostly full sun garden.

A garden bed with a pool deckMy dog, affectionately nicknamed Canis Lupus Hortulus, is always ready to help in the garden. Here she is on our pool deck observing a brood of irises (Iris ensata ‘Variegata’, Zones 4-9).

Close-up of colorful plantsIn this garden Irises mingle with ‘Wildberry’ heuchera (Heuchera ‘Wildberry’, zones 5-9), Dusty Miller (Jacobaea maritima, Zones 7-10), lantana (Lantana Camara, Zones 8-11 or as an annual) and Gomphrina (Gomphrina globosa, Zones 9-11 or as an annual).

Plant a variety of container plants on a patio tableHere, the plants are enjoying a rain shower on the back patio. The foremost are in the picture Caladium (Zones 9-11 or as tender bulbs), Blue Star Fern (Phlebodium aureum, Zones 8-12), and leaves of a potted red cabbage (Brassica olearia, annual) arrangement. Behind, a box of cabbage (Brassica olearia, annual), chives (Allium schwinopersum, Zones 3-9), Vinca (Catharanthus roseus, Zones 9-11 or as an annual) Dichondra. (Zones 7-9 or as an annual) Petunia (Zones 10-11 or as an annual), Japanese eggplant (Solanum melongina, Zones 10-11 or as an annual), Persian Shield (Strobilanthis diariana, Zones 9-11 or as an annual), Dill (Anthem Gravelins, annual), and a host of other plants nestle within. Pots of figs (Fix carica, Zones 7-10), pomegranate (Ponica granatum, zones 7-10) and olive trees (Saint Europe, Zones 8-10) Line the adjacent patio with the box.

A close-up of herbaceous plants and pink flowers in a rock gardenIn my rock garden, drought tolerant Artemisia (‘Pow’s Castle’ and ‘Silver Brocade’, Zones 4-9) Contrast ‘Red Rombrero’ Coneflower (Echinacea ‘Red Rombrero’, zones 5-9), purple sage (Salvia officinalis, zones 4–10), and wave Mexican feathergrass (Nasilla teniosisma, zones 6-10).

Small pink and purple flowers in a rock gardenAlso in the rock garden are Spanish lavenders. (Lavendula stochas, zones 8-9) and ‘Strawberry Sensation’ yarrow (Acelia ‘Strawberry Sensation’, Zones 4-9). This dude has become amazingly amazing!

A trailing shrub with small purple flowersBrazilian Varun (Verbaina bonarensis, Zones 7-10 or as an annual), with silver ‘Poys Castle’ Artemisia

Enclose the bouquet in a mason jar with bright red and purple flowers.Freshly picked gardenia of ‘Jacob Kline’ Bee Balm (Monarda ‘Jacob Kline’, zones 3-8), Veronica (Veronica spicata, Zones 3-8), mint (Mantha, zones 3–11) and yarrow.

A dog with a bright pink dahlia flowerMystic Series Dahlia. (Dahlia × variable, Zones 8-11 or as a tender bulb)

Close up of colorful painted rex begonia plantsPainted Rex Begonia (Begonia (hybrid, zones 9-11 or as annual)

Thanks for looking. Find me in the garden @pondandperrygarden on Instagram and Pond&PerryGarden on Facebook. Best wishes for the best gardening season yet!

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