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Today we’re catching up with Jewel Barkley.

The photos I have included are of my flower garden in Seagull, New Jersey. I have been growing peonies for about 10 years. Peonies are my passion, and after meeting Kathleen Gaggan, its passionate owner. Peony’s Jealousy In Bernardsville, New Jersey, I knew I had to try my hand at growing peonies! I actually had more peonies when I lived in Chatham, New Jersey, but I recently moved to Seagull, where I have a much smaller property and therefore fewer peonies.

Thank you for allowing me to share photos of my little peony garden, which still brings me so much joy!

Near pale yellow peoniesIntersectional peonies are hybrids between tree peonies, which have woody stems, and herbaceous peonies that die back to the ground each winter. Hybrids have great vigor, and combine the wide color range of large flowers and tree peonies with the long-lasting blooms of herbaceous peonies.

A close-up of a pale pink herbaceous peonyLook at the size of this herbaceous peony bloom!

Close up of bright red anemone farm peonyThis intensely colored red herb peony has a type of bloom known as an anemone form, with normal petals around the edge and small petals opening between them.

Close up of bright red peonyNote the discrete metal ring holding this red peony upright. Many peonies have such large flowers that they need a little help to stand upright.

A close-up of a bright pink peony with a yellow centerNow she is a bright flower! It is a semi-double form, with extra layers of petals, but still has some visible yellow stamens in the center of the bloom.

Different colored peonies in front of a hedgeThis row of beautiful peonies looks perfect in front of a hedge.

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