MoS Fisheries Biplab Rai Chaudhary attends KJ Chopal, appreciates MFOI, Green Office Building


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West Bengal Minister of State for Fisheries Biplab Rai Chowdhury visited Krishi Jagran’s head office on Sunday 1st October and attended KJ Chopal.

Biplab Roy Chowdhury, Minister of State for Fisheries, West Bengal (centre) with Krishi Jagran founder and CEO, MC Dominic and his team.
Biplab Roy Chowdhury, Minister of State for Fisheries, West Bengal (centre) with Krishi Jagran founder and CEO, MC Dominic and his team.

Seeing the green workplace, he got excited and appreciated Krishi Jagran’s founder and CEO MC Dominique’s efforts to make the workplace greener. He was also inspired by the idea of ​​the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, MFOI, an initiative that recognizes the hard work of Indian farmers, who are earning millions but are scorned by the stigma surrounding their profession. Seen from

As soon as Mr. Chowdhury entered the premises of Krishi Jagran, he was excited to see the lush greenery. In fact, he asked how many types of plants are kept in the office. “At least 64 varieties of plants are kept inside the office,” said Mr MC Dominic. Mr. Chaudhary also requested Mr. Dominic to name each plant.

He said that I congratulate all of you that you have planted so many trees inside the office premises and it is a very good effort.

He further explained the relevance of tulsi plant which is also an indoor plant. “Tulsi is very important for health and is also used in puja. It produces more oxygen than other plants,” said Mr Chaudhary.

Effects of Global Warming and Climate Change

During a discussion at KJ Choupal, Mr Chaudhary said, “These days it is difficult to sleep without AC because the number of trees is low due to high temperatures. While the population around the world is increasing rapidly, the number of trees cannot be equalized. At this rate. And, therefore, global warming is affecting us.”

Minister of Fisheries, West Bengal, Biplab Roy

It is a great irony that Mr. Biplab Rai Chaudhary himself is the Minister of Fisheries, but he does not eat fish. “I have been a vegetarian for the last 30 years,” he said. Moreover, they said that they can easily identify the quality of crops and fish. He said that farmers need to know and follow the right methods of farming.

The choupal ended with a group photo where Mr. Chaudhary displayed the May edition of the Bengali Krishi Jagran magazine.

First Published: 01 Oct 2023, 17:12 IST

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