SOS Children’s Villages India participates in ‘Shame for Thought’ at its program locations


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Program participants, caregivers, and co-workers came together to clean public spaces and raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation at the program’s 31 locations.

(Photo courtesy: SOS Children's Villages)
(Photo courtesy: SOS Children’s Villages)

SOS Children’s Villages India, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to caring for children, demonstrated its commitment to cleanliness and sanitation by organizing a cleanliness drive at its various locations across the country in commemoration of the ninth. What did
Anniversary of Swachh Bharat Mission launched in 2014.

Samantha Kar, CEO, SOS Children’s Villages India expressed her happiness at the event and said, “As an organization, we recognize the fundamental importance of hygiene and sanitation for children, as they are our Are the future protectors of the planet.
Cleanliness and hygiene from a young age not only ensures their physical fitness but also shapes them into resilient individuals, allowing them to grow into their strongest selves. Emphasizing the importance of cleanliness, SOS Children’s Villages India is not just promoting;
A healthy gift for these children, but raising a generation that will protect our environment and lead the way to a sustainable future.”

In line with the mission’s campaign objective to amplify the message of ‘Suchhata Hi Seva’ and promote the theme of ‘Waste Free India’, SOS India actively participated in Sharm Daan for Suchhata, where the program participants, Caregivers, and co-workers joined forces. Cleaning public places and creating awareness about the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

About SOS Children’s Villages India

Founded in 1964, SOS Children’s Villages of India provides children without or at risk of losing parental care, a value chain of quality care services that goes beyond just childcare, children Ensures comprehensive development of

Our customized care interventions such as Family Like Care, Family Strengthening, Kinship Care, Short Stay Homes, Foster Care, Youth Skilling, Emergency Child Care, and Special Needs Child Care aim to transform lives and empower children in care themselves. Activating among dependent and cooperating members. of society.

First Published: 01 Oct 2023, 17:46 IST

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